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Elearning Development

Elearning development

With the increasing availability of the Internet and computer technologies we are now able to change what and how we deliver training and instruction to learners separated by time or space.

We are providing e-learning courses for various types of businesses and schools. Our courses include many exciting animations, graphics, quizes and tests. This results in a more advanced way of presenting new information to the learner. Our e-learning courses diverge into two different groups - flash courses and html courses with flash animations.

The html courses with flash animations are recommended only for very content heavy courses (i.e. 100 page documents). For the users it is much better to study the flash based course, because in such course, we can synchronize the animation and narration, presenting the content to the user in the correct speed, and making the information more highlighted, by interactive animations and activities.

Pricing of elearning courses is based on individual specifications and needs of each course. Present us your ideas and document covering the data the students should learn, and we will design the interactive course with activities and quizzes for you!