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Flash Games and Applications


Flash Applications includes a wide range of projects. We are developing mainly in Actionscript 3 using object oriented programming and the latest techniques and external libraries, to achieve the best standards. We can and have developed various slideshow, video or picture viewers, flipping book readers, interactive postcard designers, ecards, iPhone game prototypes and animations.

The purpose of using flash games on your website is to increase the number of visitors coming. Flash game can bring hundreds of additional visitors per day, without you having to add any other advertisements.

We develop custom made flash games specifically for your website's needs. In our portfolio we have various casino games, children’s games and quizzes. We can add your company's logo in each of already developed games - rebrand it for you.

The pricing of flash projects is subject to a quote on each specific project. However we are still having more than affordable pricing strategy, so do not hesitate and send us requirements and specifications for your new flash project, and we will get back to you with a quote. Do not worry, we are professionals and you can see it in the showcase of our previous projects.