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Search Engine Optimization


Once you will have your small business, real estate, personal or non-profit website built and online, you might find out that it’s not receiving that much attention on the internet as you expected. The reason why this might happen is that your website doesn’t rank high enough in the search engines. You want to have your website optimized from inside, but then there is also a lot of off-site search engine optimization which you need to do.

We can do all of this for you, we are professionals and can get your website ranking high, so new visitors can find your business or organization.

These are the steps we follow in our Search engine optimization and marketing strategy for your website:

  1. First we start with an extensive SEO keyword analysis. Once we find keywords or a key phrase for your particular website, we will do a SEO competition analysis. Both of these reports will be submitted to you - in nice and structured tables.

  2. Then we will submit your website to dozens of search engine directories, so it will be recognized and listed fast by search engines (ie. Google, Yahoo and Bing).

  3. Next we will create social networking accounts for your business or organization on Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogger,, Youtube and Posterous. You will have access to these accounts afterwards, but also we will be posting content regularly on all of these accounts (twice a month). We will use organic ways of getting you first 2500 followers on Twitter, 1000 US fans on your facebook page and youtube fans within the first 2 months!

  4. We will create a press release about your new website, which will be submitted to review websites and search engine directories.

  5. Every 2 months we will post a key word optimized article to ezine articles (very high authority website) – linking back to your website.

  6. We will post a key word optimized article to your blog as well and submit it to the search engine directories - every month.

  7. Then we will work on back linking. Are you not sure what exactly is back linking? When there are links pointing to your website from other relevant websites, google adds an authority or credibility to your website and rank it higher. It is important to extend your backlinking network and have various websites linking to yours over time. We will be adding approx 20 backlinks every month. We will even add about 50 .edu backlinks (very high authority for google) in the first year. This is very costly, time consuming but effective approach.

  8. One of the keys to good search engine marketing is the consistency and long term progress. You simply can’t get everything done in the first month and hope that your site will rank high and stay on its position. Therefore we offer SEO packages for at least the length of 12 months (See the note below). We will be adding at least articles to your blog and social networking accounts every month and we will keep submitting these articles to dozens of search engine directories. What more, we will consistently work on your backlinking network - by adding in average 20 backlinks a month. This way you won’t only get to the top of the first page of google, but you will stay there and new visitors will keep coming to your website.

  9. We will track the progress of your website in all three major search engines, and will send you a detailed (4 pages long) report every month, explaining what all was done and the progress in the website ranking.

Make sure that people will find you!


Money Back Guarantee

Even though we strongly recommend the subscription for SEO package to last at least 12 months, you are able to cancel it any time. We trust in our work and our clients are satisfied with the results, so it rarely happens. However if you wouldn't be satisfied with the results for any reason, we offer 30-day money back guarantee as well. That means that we return you money for the previous month after cancellation of the subscription, simply send us an email in such a case.

We aren’t trying to make unreasonable money on SEO as many other companies do. What other companies do for $300 per month, we simply charge you only:

$100 per month! (when ordered with one of our Affordable web page design packages)
Or $150 for other websites.

Limited Offer That is $100 per month for a SEO analysis, at least blog and social network articles every month, social accounts launches on Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo (and more), an Ezine article, press release, continuous search engine directory submission and never ending back linking. We will be also tracking the progress for you and send you a report every month.


Not Convinced Yet?

Check the plan of the tasks for the first 6 months of your SEO campaign - to see how incredibly much work is put into each month within the SEO package!

6-month SEO plan